Stress Buster Workbook

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About This Workbook

Hello, Creators! This workbook was created with the intention to support and guide you through the journey of having more choice in shifting from a state of stress to one with more ease with a variety of practices and strategies that have been clinically shown to counteract stress. It will guide you through steps to identify and track your stress, and practice a variety of strategies that have been shown to counteract stress.

It goes without saying that you have probably experienced periods of high stress and danger. You probably are well acquainted with the ‘fight or flight’ feeling that often occurs in such situations. This heightened feeling occurs when our bodies release stress hormones in response to the stress. The hormones keep us alert and ready to deal with whatever is happening or is about to happen.

In This Workbook

  • Stress Goal
  • Keys to Remember
  • Tools for Managing Stress
  • Mindfulness
  • Other Factors for Managing Stress
  • Appendix A: My Health Choices
  • Appendix B: Pleasant Activities Tip Sheet

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